With your strategies and business plan in place, it is important to have a well-trained sales force that can help execute the strategies needed to achieve short-term goals and long-range objectives.

Gallman Consulting Group offers a range of training services, including:

  • Development of internal and external training curriculum
  • Training to improve sales techniques and identify opportunities to cross-sell product lines
  • Creation of customized advisor training programs
  • Designing programs to focus on fee-based business, product selection and portfolio construction

Whether your goal is advanced internal development or more effective sales methods for use in the field, Gallman Consulting Group offers training in state-of-the-art sales techniques specifically tailored to your firm’s unique growth objectives.

Gallman Consulting Group also develops training curriculum for advisors so your firm can gain recognition and develop relationships beyond your product. We assist with training curriculum development to help advisers transition to fees and learn how to better use their platform and investment options. We also develop curriculum to help advisors improve their practice management and client focus, and identify new opportunities to gather assets and increase revenue.