About Gallman Consulting Group

Your Partner for Long-Term Growth

Gallman Consulting Group partners with asset managers, platform providers and financial advisors to grow their fee-based assets. We are a staunch advocate for fee-based relationships, third-party money management and the use of unique product types, like Exchange Traded Funds, as part of the ideal client solution.

Here is how Gallman Consulting Group can help drive the growth of your business:

  • Guide asset managers in development of strategic planning, key account support, product positioning, sales management and training programs.
  • Assist platform providers in developing cutting-edge platforms and strategies that are most attractive to their financial advisors and clients.
  • Aid financial advisors in identifying solutions that will connect with their clientele and provide coaching in development of the fee-based business.

We are committed to increasing the visibility and brand awareness of our clients, with a special focus on their return on investment.


Our Mission

While sales are vital to your success, Gallman Consulting Group strongly believes in driving comprehensive business value for you and your clients. Our goal is to streamline processes and increase synchronization among all business units (sales, marketing, new product development, etc.) to ensure that our clients realize their growth initiatives.

We go beyond the sale of a product. We are dedicated to creating value for your firm in all aspects. We are your dedicated partner for long-term growth.