John Hancock Affiliate Plans Model Menu Expansion

The following is an article from GatekeeperIQ by Danielle Verbrigghe and can be read in full on the GatekeeperIQ website.

John Hancock’s broker-dealer affiliate, Signator Investors, plans to sharpen the tool set available to its advisors by adding a dozen new model portfolios to its menu as early as next year.

The Boston-based firm is in the midst of developing six tactical and six active-passive model portfolios says Chris Maryanopolis, president of Signator Investors.

“Advisors are looking for money managers that are very flexible,” says Tracy Gallman, former LPL product development executive and president of Gallman Consulting Group.

When it comes to purely passive portfolios, advisors get antsy.

“I don’t think clients are comfortable with the fit it and forget it approach,” Gallman says. Primarily passive strategies with an active twist, therefore, are often more attractive to advisors, she says.

For Hancock’s Signator unit, adding the models could help position the brokerage business for more growth, says Maryanopolis.

“The more ground we cover, the easier it is from a recruiting story,” he says. “It gives [existing advisors] a lot more tools in their tool kit to attract client assets.”


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